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Impact Hub's events are a great opportunity to network and connect with your peers while ensuring personal and entrepreneurial development. All our public events are listed here - we look forward to seeing you at one.
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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

EW Entrepreneurs: UAE Legal Framework for Startups

Octobre 31st | 9-11am

Join us for the first session in our 2018 edition of EW Entrepreneurs. In partnership with Impact Hub Dubai, we bring you another series of events that provide insights, knowledge and advice on the ins-and-outs of setting up and scaling a business. Sign up for our upcoming informative session about the UAE legal framework for entrepreneurs, led by legal expert Yann Mrazek. The session will explore: • UAE regulatory updates in 2018 that affect budding entrepreneurs; come and learn about the impact in practice of ADGM SPVs, UAE foundations and other recently launched tools and how these can increase the appeal and value of start-up and high-growth businesses! • Case-studies relating to the legal aspects of setting up a business, and structuring for growth. • One-to-one with Akanksha Goel – a digital marketing pioneer and the founder of Socialize, discussing Socio-cultural and economic conditions that influence women entrepreneurship in the UAE, amongst other topics

Discovery Cafe

October 10th, Wednesday |
6:30PM - 8:30PM

This is a free to attend, discussion-based event run by Sustainability Advisory as part of our Conscious Consumerism - State of Play in UAE insight to action program. We will explore the drivers, motivations and barriers of consumers who wish to reduce their social and environmental impact by making more sustainable consumer choices. The Discovery Café conversations will inform our UAE-wide Consumer Insight Survey planned for early 2019, and outcomes of café conversations will be summarized and made freely available to participants. We look forward to an invigorating conversation with you!

Digital Marketing

Octobre 31st, Wednesday |
9:00AM - 11:00AM

Today, Point Blanc Media in collaboration with Beneple conducted a Digital Marketing Event at Impact Hub Dubai’s Pop-Up space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other marketing enthusiasts. Thanks to all the people who showed up and contributed to the success of the event.

Ultimate Career Wellness "Leadership Trends"

November 21st, Wednesday |
7:00PM - 9:00PM

Organized by RSVP Events, this was a free workshop which explored the topics:
Michelle Strydom, founder of The SMG Group on "Whole Brain Leaders: Leading with your head and heart"
Ferderica Bertollini, founder of NUR International on "From Corporate to Entrepreneur: the journey that change my life"
Dr Hanan Selim on "Leading with health unleashes best leadership style"