What’s HUB?

Wondering what these ads plastered all over Dubai and the internet are all about?

What is ‘#livethedream’ all about and more importantly, what’s the catch?

Worry not! Because we’re here to grow your business and connect you to like-minded people here at Impact Hub Dubai.

How you ask?

We give you the opportunity to join us at our space and experience the magic yourself!

Discover how we help you accelerate your venture through networking, coaching, business connections, workshops and much more.

Interested? Sign up for any one of these three events below and we will get back to you with a confirmation.


Attend our ‘Unusual Entrepreneur’ event where we interview ‘Wrappup’, winners of Angel Hack 2015


Join us for a community ‘Hub Lunch’ and get to know what being a ‘Hubster’ is all about!
I'm In!


Check out our space and experience the Impact Hub Vibe yourself