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Art Trends in 2015

2015: Trend Yourself
Dubai: the great nomadic city. We go everywhere and are from everywhere, forever exposed to changing art and fashion, culture and climate, business and technology. Everything from what, where, when and how we move, live and consume we are influenced by sweeping socio-cultural trends. It is no longer enough for businesses to value trend information, they also have to stay ahead of them in an extremely competitive world if they are to survive and succeed.

The Impact Hub Dubai has great pleasure in inviting you to the launch of ‘2015: Trend Yourself’.  Spread across 2015, this one of a kind series combines academic and industry expert seminars, interactive workshops and multimedia exhibitions to examine how market leaders approach trends and how you too can utilise trends to elevate your business to even new heights. The series is made up of 7 key seminars held against the backdrop of celebrating this great city.

March – As the Louvre opens its gallery doors in Abu Dhabi we celebrate a month long series of events related to the trends in art.  In this month we continue our series with our 2nd seminar ‘trend methodologies’.  This all important seminar explores the different tools and techniques that industry experts use to analyse trends, make predictions and stay ahead of the market.

Our guest speakers include, Sylvain P. Gaillard, Gallery Manager of Opera Gallery DubaiAmel B. Makkawi, Director of ArtSawa and Maliha Tabari, Managing director of ArtSpace

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Impact Hub Dubai

Date & Time

24 March 2015 | 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


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Updated on 22 March 2015