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Entrepreneur Rising: Tarek Fouad

Tarek Ahmed Fouad, a rising entrepreneur, has already founded 2 startups in 2013 and has launched his third one this year which he referred to as ‘Maverick Media’. With over 8 years of experience in leading business entities, strategic marketing… More


3..2..1..SELFIE! That’s how Hackamena kicked off at In5 at 7pm on Thursday, April 2nd 2015. Full of energy and excitement, geeks and entrepreneurs huddled up on the ground floor of the villa where In5 is located. “ARE YOU READY TO… More


The ‘Go Trend Yourself’ series kicked off with a bang on Tuesday, February 24th 2015 with a focus on key business Trends in 2015 and Food Trends in the region. For nearly two hours, a crowd of sixty engaged in… More

From Health Economy to Fashion Design

From Health Economy to Fashion Design: The Mitera Story Transitioning between careers is never an easy thing, much less going from working at a large organization to becoming an entrepreneur, but Yoko Shimada has managed to do both in a… More

Tips to Unleash the TED Speaker in You with Standup Communication

Rabih El Khodr is an independent communication trainer and consultant, with close to a decade of professional experience spanning across the Levant, the GCC, and North America. He is the founder of a public speaking consultancy called Standup Communication, currently… More


… More

Eat, Pray, and Get on your Yoga Mat: In Conversation with Hubster Payal Khanwani

‘Many of the people today associate Yoga only as a physical form of the exercise (asana) or they believe it is only the physical benefits that they reap; this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole yoga tradition… More

The Wondrous World of Fashion PR: in conversation with The Mode Villa

When Hebah from the Impact Hub, connected me to Karuna Advani, director of The Mode Villa, (a brand enhancement agency specializing in Brand Strategy, PR and social media for fashion), our conversation infectiously spiraled. As a designer myself, I found… More

Drizzle Your Story in Swarovski Crystals.

For the past 4 years I ran my own fashion label; designing limited edition digital prints on scarves and dresses ( I came from the UK a month ago and have since spent my time in Dubai indulging myself: trotting… More