From Health Economy to Fashion Design: The Mitera Story

Transitioning between careers is never an easy thing, much less going from working at a large organization to becoming an entrepreneur, but Yoko Shimada has managed to do both in a very big way. Yoko is a hubster, a health economist, a mother, and now a fashion designer. Her new line of maternity clothing, the Mitera Collection, grew out of a desire to fill the gap between being a professional at the World Bank and being a new mother.

Although she came into motherhood later in life, Yoko was dedicated to making sure her children had the best of everything. Particularly when it came to health, which meant that she was breastfeeding for a very long time. After her experiences with the postpartum clothing available, she decided that enough was enough.

Mitera dresses are machine washable, wrinkle free, convenient for breastfeeding, and comfortable, all while looking effortlessly chic. On top of all that, each dress sold will contribute part of its price to a very interesting cause. Instead of a simple charity, Mitera is partnering with D-REV, an organization innovating cost-effective ways to improve lives in underdeveloped countries. For instance, the Brilliance unit, which is treating newborn jaundice in 9 different countries including India.

Mitera is set up in New York, but Yoko herself lives here in Dubai. A health economist for 15 years, she said that being an entrepreneur after so long with the World Bank is like trying to deal with daily heart attacks. Visit her website or find her at the Hub and watch out for the dresses which are due to be released in early February.